Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1912 Slip

I completed the ladies' slip challenge project this weekend! I am fortunate enough to have a friend who wears the exact pattern size, and who needed a slip for her lingerie dress, so the project with no alterations went together fairly quickly. I chose to stick with tradition and make the slip of cotton batiste with cotton lace trim, all of which are available from Newark Dressmaker's Supply.  I also opted to use modern machine heirloom sewing techniques to construct the slip, instead of following the given directions exactly. This involved making French seams, instead of the flat, clipped ones asked for, and inserting the lace, as instructed, but after cutting and pressing the fabric on the back side of the garment, using a narrow, close zigzag to topstitch the edges where the lace joins the fabric. After I'd finished zigzagging, I trimmed away the raw fabric edges on the wrong side of the slip. My last deviation to the given directions involved using flat lace edging , instead of gathered trim and an eyelet beading to thread a pale blue ribbon through at the neckline. Although the pleats on the flounce are not all perfectly uniform, I really like the look of the finished product. A good pressing with light spray starch finished the slip beautifully! I am pleased with this pattern and will probably use it to make another slip in my size.  


  1. This is very pretty and I appreciate the reference for supplies! Now my stumbling block is set aside and I'll get onto the slip; laces should arrive soon. And horse hair, that should make a big difference in my skirt hem. Thank you!
    The pleats look super! I wonder how to maintain them? Will they have to be re-pleated from scratch, after each laundering? --Becky

  2. Breathtaking! I love the pleats!

  3. Quite lovely and beautifully executed:)